Chinchin De Austria

Sales Coordinator

ADDRESS: 1200 S. Reserve Suite F Missoula, MT 59801

OFFICE: 406-926-3434


Meet Chin, one of the Inside Sales Agent at Hyde & Associates. With a profound understanding

of the real estate market, Chin plays a pivotal role in our team, specializing in creating and

cultivating relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

From the initial contact to nurturing leads, She is dedicated to providing a seamless and positive

experience for our clients. With a focus on building trust and rapport, Chin excels in

understanding clients' needs and aspirations, guiding them through the early stages of the real

estate process.

Outside of work, you'll find Chin at a local coffee shops, enjoying time with her family. She also

loves helping out wherever she is needed and make a positive impact on the people around her,

both professionally and personally.